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Instagram Alubox

His Instagram account became a portal to his exhilarating escapades. Each post was a visual symphony of nature’s raw beauty, juxtaposed with the industrial elegance of his aluminium cargo boxes.

Summer Sale

Shop official items from Alubox aluminium cargo cases on sale right here. The one and only original aluminium cargo boxes. For a limited time, you’ll save up to 30% on select styles marked down for the end of the season. UP TO 30% DISCOUNT For Sale

NEW Ruumx

A dynamic dividing solution that also protects your gear in the Alubox. Alubox now has this system available for the Alubox PRO A042, S060 and A073.

Alubox tested

Tested to the extreme

Alubox has been submitted for evaluation through the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee’s Bear-Resistant Products Testing Program (IGBC) and it passed

Alubox watertight

Always bring your Alubox

It is floating. It is floating. Alubox will take it all and last a lifetime. Tested by nature For you and future generations. ALWAYS bring your Alubox…