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About AuboxAlubox, established in 1999, is a privately owned family company in Denmark. The core business and expertise lies in the production of aluminium boxes, cases and containers. They offer a wide range of standard Aluboxes that are sold to customers around the world. They include industrial, Defence, emergency services, offshore, transportation, data carriers and a wide range of expedition purposes around the globe.

The Alubox ensures safe transport and storage for valuables, fragile items and sensitive equipment.

Alubox produce bespoke boxes to suit your specific needs; even for small quantities. All boxes can be made with inner fittings and foam.

One of the latest product is a  Micro Fields Station developed to be a flexible and easy transporting unit. It will be easily transported and erected anywhere in the world and can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

Alubox take great pride in providing our customers with good quality products, excellent service and on-time delivery.

Alubox is made of EN AW-5754 (AlMg3). AW 5754 offers excellent corrosion resistance against seawater and industrially polluted atmospheres. AW 5754 is a mid-strength material, non-hardening alloy, very corrosion resistant, seawater and tropical climate resistant and characteristically very good chemical resistance. Good weldability using all welding techniques with the weld joints also offering excellent corrosion resistance. Very good burnishing quality. Very good plasticity in its soft condition. Used for medium tension construction, welded applications parts and construction, corrosion-resistant in seawater applications. Widely used in the food and chemical industries, vehicle construction, shipbuilding, architecture and interior design. Typical product applications include liquid containers, framing, heat exchangers, protective casings, agricultural components, fabrics, machine manufacture, car construction, shipbuilding, water cleaners and tanks.